When an emergency or a crisis threaten your business, the level of preparedness in your company makes the difference. We facilitate your preparation and support you in the implementation of your emergency, crisis and business continuity management.

Are you aware about power outages, cyber attacks, disasters or supply chain und other disruptions that can heavily affect your business? Do you want to prepare for potential emergencies and crises? Do you want to provide training for your staff to cope with such situations? 

Companies, organizations or authorities can get in troubles if they don’t prepare for emergencies and crises conscientiously. In the worst case, their existence is at stake or the consequences for people and environment are fatal.

If you want to be well prepared for an emergency, you have to prepare consciously and specifically for scenarios as well as train them continuously. Because routine and experience help to keep calm and react quickly and purposefully. You cannot prepare for every single eventuality. But you can implement a structure and processes for emergencies and crises in a targeted manner and switch to emergency or crisis mode more quickly, to safe and restart your business as soon as possible.

Your internal controlling and your internal risk management provide information about whether there is a specific need for action in your company. The risk analysis of different scenarios shows how likely they are to occur and how they could have an impact on your business or your company.

The following emergencies and crises may happen and threaten your business:


Business Continuity Management

Are you concerned about your company in the case of a crisis? Would you like to know how crisis-proof your company, institution or agency really is? Would you like to return back to normal operation as soon as possible?

Contingency & Crisis Management

Would your business fail due to a power outage, cyber-attack, natural disaster or pandemic? Do you want to protect yourself against future emergencies and crises? Do you need an emergency plan, a crisis manual or a crisis team?

Training und Übungen für Notfall und Krise

Training & Exercises

Do you feel well prepared for crises or emergencies? Do you know exactly what to do in case of an emergency or crisis? Or do your employees freeze or panic? Would you like to train your crisis management team and your crisis management with exercises and simulations?

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for contingency and crisis management that fits for every company, organization or agency. But there is a good basic recipe existing for a successful contingency and crisis management. A successful contingency and crisis management symbolizes a kind of protective roof for your company, organization or agency. To hold and stabilize this roof, there is a need of a good basement and supporting pillars. Pillars like responsible corporate management, involved employees, available infrastructure and constantly updated manuals for emergencies and crises.

Crisis and Contingency Management


If an emergency or a crisis paralyzes your company or you keep calm and remain able to act, depends on you and your employees. It is the human factor which helps us to cope with emergencies or crises. After all, people are getting emergency situations under control or let it finally escalate.  It depends on their training, experience and actions.


We have seen over the years what can happen if companies, institutions and agencies are not well prepared. That is why we would like to support you with our more than 20 years of experience and expertise in contingency, crisis and business continuity management and prepare you as best as possible for future emergencies and crises. As crisis manager we have been deployed to many major crises in the past two decades.

DIE KRISENPLANER have years of experience in the field of national and international crisis, civil protection and humanitarian aid operations as well as exercises. We know how important the human factor is in terms of preparation for emergencies and coping with crises. That is on what we pay special attention. It distinguishes us from others.



Our customers are aware that emergencies and crises can happen. They either want to set up crisis management or improve and develop their existing ones. Many of our customers are active regionally and nationally, but also internationally and come from the following lines of business:


Corona Pandemic 2020

Crisis Management, Coordination & Consultancy

In late February 2020, it quickly became clear that Covid-19 would develop into a pandemic. After the numbers in Italy rose rapidly, the national crisis and disaster protection system were activated in Austria and the first measures were implemented. DIE KRISENPLANER were actively involved in the crisis management in their previous professional activities for the Austrian Red Cross at the federal level and in the city of Vienna.

Migration Crisis 2015/2016

Crisis Management & Humanitarian Aid

Hundreds of thousands of people fled to Europe in 2015/16 from the war in Syria. The main routes were either across the Balkans or the Mediterranean. Austria thus became a destination country for asylum seekers as well as a transit country. This was one of the largest humanitarian aid operations for the Austrian Red Cross. DIE KRISENPLANER were involved at the federal level and in the city of Vienna in planning and implementation of humanitarian aid operations.

Major Floods in Austria 2013

Disaster Relief

In 2013, the federal states of Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg and Tyrol were affected by a major flood. Thousands of Red Cross and fire brigade volunteers were deployed to alleviate the suffering and repair the damages. This flood was one of the largest disasters in Austria, in which DIE KRISENPLANER were involved in disaster response and humanitarian aid.

EURO 2008

Coordination & Support

It doesn’t always have to be a crisis or a disaster. Sometimes large events have to be planned and supported as well. One such major event was the European Soccer Championship 2008. The EURO 2008 was a nationwide major event for the Austrian Red Cross – as part of the non-police security system. DIE KRISENPLANER were involved in planning and operations at this sporty mega event in Carinthia and Vienna from 2006 on. 

EU Civil Protection Exercises 

Training & Exercises

The European Civil Protection Mechanism is the EU’s Community Mechanism in Disaster Response and Prevention, based on the Solidarity of the member states. Europe-wide civil protection exercises have been funded by the EU Commission for around 10 years. Consortia from different member states, agencies and organizations have been contracted to plan and organize these exercises. Over the past few years, DIE KRISENPLANER have accompanied these exercises through their professional activity and training as EU civil protection experts in various functions.